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Ms. VahVah VahVoom started in the hair care industry over 20+ years ago. She's a native of Brooklyn, New York. Early in life she began gaining recognition of natural hair lovers and when deciding to take her LoVVe for hair online. She quickly became a favorite on, in Charlotte, NC and Nation wide.

New and routine clients book appointments from all over the United States, and throughout the globe. She is the sole inventor of the revolutionary CombDrag loc maintenance method and also the Natural Base Loc Extension technique. The signature appearance of her Perfect-Parting System is why many travel from far and wide to have installed. Her work has been made the frame of reference for many clients and also professional stylist when it comes to natural styling and techniques.
With so many years being in-tuned with her clients needs, she has created a NEW sector in the natural hair care community named  loc spa. A Loc Spa is a nontraditional salon setting with spa elements.

"Where you and your locs can relax"

 The Loc Spa signature line of hair products, "LoVe in a Bottle", makeup and hair accessories collection will be launched in 2019. She is a revolutionary loctician and the answer to all of your natural hair care prayers. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

LoVe Your Hair!


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Here's What You'll Learn

Loc Maintenance Techniques

The are many techniques used for grooming of natural locs. Learn the correct way to treat ALL hair types and conditions.

Business Concept Development

You will receive assistance in developing your ideas for your business. Including information like services or products that target your choice demographic, and a unique selling position that will give you an advantage over competitors.

Products and Usage

There are many products that can be used for locs. Learn which products work the best for your array of clientele.

Clientele Management

Your clientele deserves to have a loctician/stylist that offers a professional management of their time and money. Learn the ways.

Business Strategies & Solutions

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Stress Management

As you become more successful, there will be new levels of challenges that can be stressful. Your health in-turn affects your business. These things must be learned how to managed

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